Hardcopy of Faclair Scottish Gaelic – English available now

I am pleased to announce that after a lot of work a combined dictionary Scottish Gaelic – English and English – Scottish Gaelic is now available on amazon.com and Amazon Europe (Link to Amazon UK, US). It can also be ordered on Createspace, however a Createspace account will be necessary for that).

This hardcopy is a slightly revised and corrected version of the corresponding ebooks and combines in one volume both language directions. Of course it also contains for all headwords the pronunciation using the alphabet of the International Phonetic Association (IPA).

The ebooks are also updated with regards to the corrections and the updates should be available free of charge for all buyers of the original versions. New buyers will receive the new versions.

Also available now are hardcopy versions of the Schottisch-Gälisch – Deutsch and Deutsch – Schottisch-Gälisch dictionaries and after that, the concise grammars will be published as printed books as well.